Logan Woodbury, born and raised in DeKalb Illinois.  After leaving for a semester, transferred to N.I.U. to complete my BFA in Printmaking, which was completed December 2015.   Print work is focused in lithography and relief printing.  Well rounded in graphic design, image branding.  


     I use art as way to explore my own psyche and reach some kind of understanding of myself.  I have struggled with a bit of self-diagnosed anxiety, mainly overthinking very small situations to the point the outcome is so blown out of proportion and so far off there is no way it would ever happen.  With this anxiety, my own thoughts tend to start pushing my mind into a perpetual cycle of ideas that build to outlandish endings. This cycle compiles the idea to a point where it is more harmful than what is actually happening, or causing the idea to be so abstracted from the truth that nothing will get done. As I sit there dwelling on these abstracted thoughts, they feed right back into this cycle of meaningless outcomes.
     My work often depicts some element of nature or landscape, which can represent a very concrete and calm state or emotion, but can also act in very unpredictable or unwanted ways.   I use this idea of anxiety to bring these unwanted elements into the work, inlaying abstracted characters and altered perspectives within the scenery.   Through the use of nature I present this grounded state of emotion for what a basis idea would be, blending the two together whether they work together, or they just instill more and more questions.